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NOTICE: After much deliberation we have made the difficult decision to permanently close the WorldsGreatestLotteryPool.com to the general public and the pools will no longer be available online.

We are very proud of what we achieved with our user friendly online lottery pools and from the excellent support from our loyal members & visitors.

Things move on however and as our online business continues to grow in other areas, we are no longer able to concentrate on this site as much as we would like.

Thank you for your support and patronage over the last 14 years. Questions? Email webmaster@worldsgreatestlotterypool.com

This idea started innocently enough. On a cold Sunday in February, 2001 a group of guys escape the frigid north for a few days of golf on Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.

The golf was great ... the warm weather was even better.

Fast forward to the end of the week. We headed back north. Our big party van had a lively card game going in the back ... the drinks flowed ...

fond memories of the trip dominated the conversation...

"fabulous golf" ... "the best" ... "wow, that last hole at Oxmoor" ... "they should take the guy that designed that Judge Course out back and shoot him" ... "toughest we've ever played" ...

We stopped for fuel at a big truck stop on I-65. One of the fellows said, "the Powerball jackpot is big, I’m buying tickets, anybody want one?"

Someone else chimed in, "let’s kick in five bucks each, buy a bunch of tickets and pool then together".

Little did we realize what that innocent little statement would start. We each chipped in and we bought a bunch of tickets.

Timed passed. Most of us regularly played golf together. When the weather was bad we played cards. Now we bought tickets for our little lottery pool.

Friends joined the group. Some traveled on business. Many lived in other cities. They all started adding tickets from different states to the pool. A flight attendant treated us with tickets from the British National Lottery. Her girl friends got involved and started picking up tickets on their trips. It got crazy.

The pot had grown. Our "little" lotto pool wasn't little anymore. Now we had stacks of tickets.

We had to find a way to keep everyone informed.

E-Mail was the first choice. What a management nightmare that was. Luckily, one of the original members of the group had a website, so it wasn't very long before we had a website of our, the WorldsGreatestOfficePool.com.

On 12/11/2002 we opened the WorldsGreatestLotteryPool.com to the public and things have been crazy ever since.

Then someone asked if they could put a link to their site from our website. And before long someone else wanted to put an ad on our site for an opportunity they were promoting.

Others got wind of our little website and traffic started growing. So, to cover costs we started allowing company's to "sponsor" some of our lottery pools.

Now we offer five public "lotto pools" that you may join. You get to take a shot at becoming fabulously wealthy and someone else pays the bill. What could be easier?

Of course there are rules and legal mumbo jumbo so check out "how it works" and read the "frequently asked questions".
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Thank you,
The golfers from the WorldsGreatestOfficePool.com / WorldsGreatestLotteryPool.com
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